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WELCOME! :heart:

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Student of Accountancy
Artist | Student | Digital Art
You know? If I was famous here, I'd say a lot about myself :XD:

I mean? Why would you want to know a person who's not even known, right? ;) Besiiiiiiides! I am a boring person -______________-

It would be fun if you'd ask me or interview me HAHAAAAaaa

HI! Whai hai thar :hai: 

It's been awhile :) I am currently waiting for my AC503 grades and well in my other subjects?
-Our professor didn't question me with my terminal report which means I NAILED IT?
-Studied like only 1hr in my economics yet I managed to be the second highest in the class.
-I nailed AC505 with bonus scores and pretty got high grades even though my exam scores weren't that high.
-I've been having troubles in my AC504. I've been having scores of zeros and ones, but I managed to pull it up on my midterm exams "20/25" 
-I got 30min late on my 1hr and a half Marketing Exam. I nailed it once again.

But I am more worried with my AC503's grade... I would probably die if I failed I think I've fainted. Help me get through with this!

ANYWAY! I want to share my story with whoever reads this journal

 Story: JPIA COLORFEST(Acquaintance Party)

Are you familiar with Color Fest? Its been getting popular here in Cebu Nod  It is where random people smudge and throw paints at you and you don't have to hate them for doing so. It's crazy! I didn't even like to go because of that :XD: I am such a kill-joy person. My friends were forcing me to come because they want to get their hands on me :rofl: But they failed to do so, I was the one who got them more wet :XD: Plus our Accounting teachers were giving incentives for those who will attend so I had no choice but to party along! I didn't know that it would turned out great by the end :happybounce: 

We've celebrated our JPIA(Junior Philippines Institute of Accountancy)Acquaintance Party yesterday, Aug, 22, 2014. I bought a ticket worth P100!(Exclusive only to the University's Accounting Students) Better than last year's Acquaintance party :pokerface: It was so expensive and I wasn't enjoying the party because it was way too formal! Neon Colors was last year's theme.

:pokerface: When I reached the venue, I was appointed to be a part of the "Chains of Love" Booth. :pokerface: NaNoEmo: Day 15 :pokerface: that picture I didn't like my experience of being a booth staff for Chains of Love booth! It was so annoying, energy-drained and whatever :XD: There were plenty of booths around the venue like paint booth, marriage booth, feisty booth etc. Our booth was about chaining couples together while they hold hands for 15 min! A person should pay P20 and write down the couple's name(Even though those couples aren't actually real couples)

Most of the people chain their crushes wink grin You know? Get the chance to hold their hand for 15 min? :rofl: The reason why I hate being the booth staff is because when people write down the names of their crush or the names of the couples to be, I don't immediately recognize them because I don't know them personally so it's basically finding strangers! And some of them run away from me :XD: I had to chase them you know. The persons in the picture are my first catch! Well it was fun though :) I mean, when you get to catch the couples, people will like... celebrate for them and throw paints at them which is actually funny :rofl: I felt accomplished! :winner:

This is me :happy: I look like a kid :happybounce: This was taken after the "Afternoon water and color fight." I got wet with water :XD: I got lots of paints on my back too! One of my classmates like to "ninja-attack" behind me! Ninja dart Don't worry :XD: I managed to throw the one bottle of yellow paint at him in the end. I didn't want to be the loser EVIL Laughter! People are more dirty than me! LA LA LA I tried my best to dodge every paint! I rather get wet with water than being painted! :la: Water is much more refreshing! And its funny how people use water guns during the event! They actually put juice in it and shoot people on the mouth when they don't notice it :rofl 


Here is me an my friends Nommy smile I am the one on the extreme right! I AM PAINT-FREE ON THE FACE! :dummy: I love this picture because there's Hope, the photo-bomber, if you noticed her :XD:

Then party with the rock bands! :drummer: :powerslide: :headbangrevamped: WOAH! And I got lots of people asking me why didn't I join the band and become the lead-guitarist :XD: Ogh!!! Rock n' roll :P Well somebody invited me to perform in the band but that invitation was too late already :P I received the invitation just after the audition! I even invited some people to join with me but non in my class is talented in music instruments.

OH OH! Watch this video where we DISCO AND PARTY HARD!

You know what sir said? "Accounting students of the university are the students who study the most but when it comes to partying... they are the ones that parties harder." 
OKAAAYY :o well we are so stress and pressured by studies due to high standards, we just want to let it out yeh know :XD: 

YES! I DANCED TOO! It was my first time dancing in the middle of the crowd! My classmates laughed at me because weren't expecting that I would be a part of the party peeps :XD: At first I was just like a stick in the middle of the crowd but the beats were so good that I danced along :D I'm glad they dont have the video of me dancing LOOOOOOOOOOOOL :rofl: 
I wasn't drunk. I don't drink alcohol. I'm a good girl! Good game 

Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 

Well! I hope to share another of my adventure with you next time!
Have a nice day! Swingin' On a Star _revamp_ 
  • Mood: Pride
  • Listening to: Last night by The Vamps

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