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I love Banana Chips
Artist | Student | Digital Art
You know? If I was famous here, I'd say a lot about myself :XD:

I mean? Why would you want to know a person who's not even known, right? ;) Besiiiiiiides! I am a boring person -______________-
Ah! well! I don't know who reads this... but anyway, i just wanted to express my life being a band member since it was pretty historical to me :XD: every Bands have their story, and this one is mine :d. We have the ups and downs in sometimes...and disappointing moments. I had a dream too.... I once dreamt to be part in the band...and this is a story about my dream...


      I just arrived from East Africa to My home place Philippines. In fact, I was a pretty much an ignorant person :XD: Like all I see here are weird! weird food! weird buildings! people talking blahblahblah :blahblah:

     I had the longest vacation! 6months vacation just at home! First day of school early in the morning at school...I was pretty much prepared and I was unknown at school. When I did my introduction and mentioned I came from Africa, a new student in second year. Everybody was :wow: WOW!!!. Just when the bell rang, everybody were out of their classes talking about me and boys as usual asking for my number and facebook :o All I can reply was just my fake smile :XD: I JUST BECAME THE POPULAR PERSON OF THE SCHOOL FOR THE REASON I CAME FROM FAR AWAY!

      I entered into a Glee Club, and they made me sing as an audition. I sang Because of you by Kelly. Everybody sang with me and hhmp! yeah, it was hard singing while I shake my hands, my throat was cold too. What I didn't notice was there are 3 band members in that club listening to me. AFter the Glee Club meeting, my friend Alfred from 3rd year told me that Jason was looking for me. I dont even know that guy! I saw him but we never said hi at all! I looked at him, then he looks at other direction.

       After days has past, we had grouping activity and we need to sing a song for our subject. I suggested to bring my guitar and sing and that astonished everyone as I am the only person who has that talent in the class....and so on. The group members met under a tree and I was coming with my guitar and I wore boyish stuff as usual...but Im a total girl jeez!. AS I walk along there, I hear two boys murmuring "hey check it out, its a girl with a guitar","yeah, maybe we should ask her". These boys approached my classmate Emmy and they were shy so they didn't talk to me directly, and I myself was too, I feel like my face got uglier than ever to hondsome creatures :XD: They asked Emmy "Is that her guitar?", "yes it is, she knows how to play," She replied. So that was the time they approached me and asked to make a sample of a song. I was pretty embarressed though because Im not good in so much rock! I play classic songs but less Rock. So I gave them THE LEADER OF THE BAND song finger play on guitar while I sang...and they were pretty much amazed and I was thinking "what?, they can't do finger play?, I thought they are good than me". Emmy then introduced me to them, they already knew me though because Of my name was scattered all over the school but I dont know them, they were Jason and Giovanni. "Ohhhhh, so that is Jason", I said.
Giov-Hey dude, join our band! we really need a guitarist

And they both said pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase...Emmy on the other side was laughing and jokin around and I felt insecure of my decision to accept that invitaion to their band.
Me-Is it an inside campus band?
Giov- Yes...

I think....I think I ignored them :rofl:I wasn't so sure...And on the next day! I was able to present the song for our subject....and guess what?, those people were stalking me and they were many of them and they keep shouting at me "JOIN UR BAND!" I kept saying wait until I finish this song...but they keep on shouting. Oh! When it was recess they I finally got out! And said "OKAY!OKAY! I GIVE UP! YOU WIN! I AM IN!" HAAAAAAAAAARRR and it was :iconhappyblueplz: YEHAAAAAAAAAAY! time of their life.

At first, I just dont know how to Jam with them....they were all 2nd year but we are in differents sections and one 3rd year our pianoist. But as days past by, I was able to jam with them and laugh even thogh I keep biting my nails, they call me the weirdo coz I keep staring at things and Idol for being awesome in guitar coz Im the only member who can read tabs in guitar :shrug: man that was just easy... We had awesome time yeh! and sometimes we keep ignoring each other at school as if we haven't meet each other... I dont know why, pretty pretty weird style but our singer Vincio is the only person that keeps saying hi to me most of the time. And our pianoist Alvin which we keep poking each other as our greetings at the canteen. We had alot of presentations and practice and we to had the worst presentation like the time I forgot to do the solo...the time I had the wrong chords and the time our strings broke or even not in tuned..but that was just a part of it :D we laugh at the end our mourn sometimes. I try to smile at them to give out positive energy but their smile is fake enough to ditch my feelings harhar! Im glad they are not reading this :XD: They dont know I faked a smile too coz they know Im just happy at all time.

I know... There are more to say! Now this year 2011... I am going to miss The vocalist Vincio and the leader of the band  Giovanni. Our band members are indeed and soo saaaaaad :iconcryingplz:, and I took the place for the leader... And we have new member who doesn't even speak my language but speak another language and I can only say "OKAY and NO" and PO? and you know? basics in Filipino :XD: I dont understand that guy, But atleast the other crew jams with him and I get along if I can :XD: oh...what the hell is he speaking...talking about me? talking you? shizzzz he thinks his good in guitar :nod: Im speechless... I dont want to challenge him, he looks uuuhhm... I dont know how to describe, but he looks strict to me, but who cares if Im the leader :iconherotimeplz:

Now we have the new member who is ANOTHER LANGUAGE BOY FROM QUEZON... wo cn actually play guitar with his he brushed his teeth with a guitar...isn't that epic? I think its tooo boastful to me.

And pesenting our Antagonist Contrabida!, well... not the base guitarist, We sometimes dont get along compare to NaruXSasu I hate it! but there is some one worst than him. An outsider that keeps on begging to enter which is I dont need another vocalist MAN! aaagghhh.....thats all! Im stress and tired~~

Greetings! :icongrin--plz:
  • Mood: Dominance
  • Listening to: ROCK ROCK BATO STONES!
  • Reading: Nothingness!!!!
  • Watching: Bandila
  • Playing: Ambush The Ligo Boyz
  • Eating: Nooodles!!!!
  • Drinking: Water...Im dryyyy

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